Teflon Pan Non Stick Mat Liner 2pcs

You can now protect your bbq grill and bbq parts with these revolutionary Non stick grilling sheets for good, there is nothing that will stick to this grill mat making cleaning gas grill parts a breeze for you! 

You can use it on any grill - be it a charcoal, electric or gas grill, you can use these magic grilling tools on all types.

It withstands heats of between -60°C to 260°C. In fact, these innovative BBQ mats are crammed with all the great and necessary features to help you with your next carnivorous feast. 

This is made using the latest in PTFE technology while elements of fibre glass make it durable and stable.

You can literally cook anything and everything on these mats, from steaks, to chicken breasts, vegetables and even eggs – and so on. 

And once you’re finished all you need to do is rinse the mats cleans with a soapy sponge and some luke warm water.

No more elbow grease cleaning your grills – fat will run straight off this non-sticky mat, keeping your equipment clean.

Ideal for use at public or home BBQ ovens, these non stick mats can be used again and again, making their tiny price tag even more attractive. 

Plus, being a mat and not a grill per-se, nothing will fall through the cracks (because there are none!). So, no more charcoaled sausages or sooty sweetcorn.

This is the perfect compliment to your grill set! Also great for use as a baking mat or oven liner!


Brand New And Super High Quality

Stop Food From Falling Through The Cracks Of Your Grill

Use For Indirect Cooking On Gas, Charcoal, And Electric Grills

Can Work In -76 ℉ To 500℉ ( -60℃ To 260℃) Temperatures

Easy To Clean (Just Wash In Warm Soapy Water)

Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack Only)

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