Anti-Spy Privacy Phone Screen Tempered Glass Film

Anti-Spy Privacy Phone Screen Tempered Glass Film

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Use your phone with privacy and protect your screen from being seen by unwanted eyes, all while keeping your phone screen safe from accidental drops and shatters.

We have sizes available to fit most popular phone types.

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One simple hack to keep your phone private!

No one likes to be spied on!

Our phones might get tapped, our emails might get read but this one simple hack for your phone will stop anyone physically around you from spying on your phone.

This screen protector it not like the rest. 

This screen protector will prevent scratches to your screen

Stop your screen shattering if your phone is dropped

It also Cuts out visibility for anyone sitting beside you!

You will be safe
to look at private messages, photos and documents at work, on the train, at home and around children.