Hair Cut Clipper Tool Guide


Get balanced cuts and trims every time with the original Hair Cut Clipper professional hair-cutting tool.

You get one small straight original CreaClip and one large curved original CreaClip, both with built-in rotating levels.

They are great for cutting children's hair, trimming bangs, creating layers or just maintaining a hairstyle between haircuts -rotating level switches at every 22 degrees making precise, accurate, and balanced cuts-comfort glide combing teeth combs and secures he hair in place while you cut with ease-secure lock locks hair in place while you cut-flexible body allow you to cut all textures and thicknesses of hair, even curly hair.

Smooth edge easy to follow as a guide-curved-edge clip creates a curved cut for softer, more professional style and creates layers-straight edge great for trimming all types of bangs and short hair-small size great for traveling, easy to store-convenient cut your hair any time or any place.

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