Flash Pair! Board Game


Helps develop child's intelligence and arouse their curiosity through play.
Made from eco-friendly paper safe for children.
Suitable for kids and adults alike
Card Diameter 80mm
Every card has 6 symbols and only 1 symbol is the same in each 2 cards.
Can be played by 2-8 players.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x set of 31 cards
  • 1 x English rules

Comes in 5 different designs:

1. Flash Pair Animals - 31 Cards with English Rules

2. Flash Pair Sports - 55 Cards with English Rules

3. Flash Pair Basic English - 31 Cards with English Rules

4. Flash Pair Russian - 20 cards with English and Russian Rules

5. Flash Pair Basic Russian - 31 Cards with English Rules

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